5 Tools Everyone In The Real Estate Industry Should Be Using

Real estate agents are busy people. There are days where it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything a successful real estate agent needs to do.

If you’re tired, overwhelmed or burnt-out, it’s going to be hard to succeed in this business. That’s why incorporating some very essential tools for real estate agents into your workflow is a must.

Having the right tech tools helps you get more done, in less time. And your clients will really be impressed.

These Top 5 Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents Will Help You Boost Your Productivity and Wow Clients

1. Real Estate Website Builder Tool

A good website is everything in the real estate business these days. More and more client interactions are moving online and your website is often a client’s first impression.

But your real estate website not only has to look great, it needs to be functional and easy to update — which is why a website builder is essential.

Propertybase is a great option that lets you have a powerful website with drag-and-drop software and professional-looking templates to control the look and layout. With this tool, you can create a fully branded agent website with IDX search, area profiles, SEO and lead capture functions.

2. Customer Relationship Management Software Tool

The right customer relationship management (CRM) software can dramatically improve your sales growth and even your client satisfaction. If you find yourself asking, “Did I call her back?” or “Is Jane working with the Smiths?” — you definitely need a better CRM.

The predictive real estate CRM from BoomTown is one of the best options out there. It helps agents monitor client relationships, manage lead generation and move real estate deals through your pipeline.

A CRM can help you match clients up with the right specialist at your brokerage, organize and sort your leads, set follow up reminders, and even automate your lead nurturing efforts.

3. Lead Generation Tool

More leads means more opportunities for sales. It’s essential that you develop a system for getting a steady supply of quality leads into your sales pipeline.

Leads can come from many sources, including word-of-mouth, website visits, and social media. Successful agents take a proactive approach, marketing themselves where buyers and sellers are — real estate portals like Realtor and Zillow.

Realtor Pro is one of the best lead generation real estate tools for Realtors® looking for buyer leads. Zillow Premier Agent is another top choice with native advertising opportunities on both Zillow and Trulia.

4. Email Marketing Tool

Buyers and sellers don’t always immediately jump into a transaction with an agent. Sometimes they take their time. Which is fine as long as they don’t forget about you

5. Social Media Management Tool

Most agents know it’s important to be active and visible on social media, building your brand, adding valuable insight and making new connections. But managing your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more can be draining and time-consuming.

The most successful real estate agents are using tech to save time and automate their social media management as much as possible, and so should you.

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